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Looks like somebody is craving sweets today….

Special Thanks to Silvia Leite. Most of the images used came from her “Tea Party” album on flickr. Her crafts are incredible, and so delicious looking!!

I’m about to close up shop at Butter Toast today. I’m thinking I need a pit-stop for some sweets on my way home. Teehee.

Ciao for now ❤


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I have an obsession with legs. It’s a new goal of mine to start capturing cute snapshots of pretty legs.

This one is a little behind the scenes snapshot from our recent Java Magazine fashion spread. The issue just came out, so I will (of course) be sharing more images from shoot very verrrry soon.


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At the beginning of the month I celebrated my one-year (dating) anniversary with my more than amazing boyfriend, Brad. He had mentioned staying at a unique place in Southern Arizona that he once passed through knowing I would love it for its vintage charm. I was more than thrilled to check it out. We ended up at the most amazing boutique motel Arizona has to offer, The Shady Dell. It was a complete vintage paradise, and such a memorable experience. Every thing about this place, down to every detail and hidden surprise, was incredible. Located in Bisbee, Arizona, The Shady Dell lets you experience the 1950’s in full technicolor. It is a collection of vintage travel trailers, perfectly restored to combine mid-century Americana kitsch with the comforts of home in a way that only the 1950’s were capable of.

We had the opportunity to stay inside the “Tiki Bus”, such a good choice!










Every detail about this place was so perfect. The soundtrack: classic 50’s music and vintage commericals. Plus hidden treasures everywhere. The drawers were filled with vintage photos, vintage games, vintage cookware, vintage records, vintage magazines and even vintage coozies, as seen on my beer to the right:


And we cant forget about my favorite little vintage cup:


We had a ton of fun playing croquet in the courtyard, playing on vintage trucks, AND the little row-boat on the side of the Tiki Bus:



AND we played dolls and got a little ridiculous with our tiki dashboard accessories. She is such a little floozy, showing us her goodies. Hehehe.


Night view of our Tiki Love Bus:



To make this place even MORE wonderful, there is a little vintage diner, Dot’s Diner, located on-site. We had breakfast there…DELISH. And the personalities at Dot’s are amazing. I want our sweet little waitress to serve us breakfast everyday.



Dot’s Lingo was pretty amusing too:


A few more images of vintage heaven that I could not forget to share….




We are thinking of shooting an editorial here for Butter Toast, how unbelievably perfect would it be??

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I had the most amazing vintage find the other day. Clearly, I stopped in my tracks when I saw the adorable floral pattern- that right there was enough to persuade me to purchase- but the inside held a far greater treasure! A matching thermos! So, what I thought was merely a classic vintage handbag, turned out to be the CUTEST lunch box of all time. It is by far my favorite vintage find lately. It will be for sale at Butter Toast Boutique in a couple days.


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I just cant get over how obsessed I am with vintage & wire dress forms. So, I thought I’d share some great images I’ve saved over time. If you have lovely dress form images, please share them with me!

dress form drawing

ivory wire dress form

wire dress form

white wire form

ivory mini corset form

mini mannequins

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