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Long time, no blog. Well we’re coming back in style..grandeur geek style. The following is a FANTASTIC geek men shoot featuring our favorite local photographer Nicolle Clemetson, and wardrobe by yours truly, Butter Toast. Most of these items are still available in the store…so c’mon down and geek out with us!

Additional wardrobe and styling by Shannon Campbell & Michele Lee


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I know we’ve been making you wait for these images…But here they are for your enjoyment! Check us out on Facebook to see more comprehensive photos of the show and the behind the scenes shots.

Photographer: Bradley Thornber, aka “Fotobrad”

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 387

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 390

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 404

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 411

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 416

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 426

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 435

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 440

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 456

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 461

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 472

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 480

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 489

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 497

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 512

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 518

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 528

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 534

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 545

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 565

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 579

Photographer: Angela Simpson, Angela Rose Photography


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Hi lovlies. We just wanted to remind our fans of our upcoming fashion show this ¬†Saturday @ Bragg’s Pie Factory for the Grand Avenue Festival. We are really excited to be a part of this event celebrating recycling and adaptive-reuse. This is the first annual festival of hopefully many more to come, and we are grateful to part of the community behind it. We want to send out a special thanks to everyone who helped make this festival and our fashion show happen- we could not belong to a better community of hard working creative folks. And… a special thanks to our dear friends Amber and Diana of PainfullyHip.com who shall be models in our show, coming all the way up from Tuscon to support us! Thanks ladies ‚̧

Please visit http://grandavenuefestivalaz.com/ for more information on the 1st Annual Grand Avenue Festival.


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Late 60’s. Goldie Hawn. Bikini. Peace. Love. Revolution.

We are drawing inspiration from these vintage Goldie Hawn photos for a look we are creating for our next fashion show. The theme is war & peace on earth. We’re thinking a large painted earth on our model’s back along with other peace & recycling icons painted elsewhere. Plus the perfect mod bikini designed by us! Oh how excited we are…






Grand Ave. Festival Fashion Shows taking place September 26th! Don’t miss out Phoenix!!

Ciao for now,

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I had the most amazing vintage find the other day. Clearly, I stopped in my tracks when I saw the adorable floral pattern- that right there was enough to persuade me to purchase- but the inside held a far greater treasure! A matching thermos! So, what I thought was merely a classic vintage handbag, turned out to be the CUTEST lunch box of all time. It is by far my favorite vintage find lately. It will be for sale at Butter Toast Boutique in a couple days.


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Twiggy– a pioneer, fashion icon, and our current vintage star obsession. Her images are incredibly captivating, that’s why we love her.

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YES! We have a twitter account!
Keep up-to-date with the happenings at Butter Toast with TWITTER!

Our name is ButterToastPHX

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