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I’ve seriously neglected the internet lately. I hardly update anything anymore, before the shop moved locations I had nothing better to do but be online…Lately that’s not the case at all, I’ve been in hands-on mode with store projects and personal craft projects, leaving very little time for online therapy. So I have a new [old] goal of blogging more [yah, yah, yah…]. We’ve been doing a lot of cute stuff at Butter Toast lately, and I’ve been a very bad girl about not blogging about anything. Please forgive.
I would personally like to invite you to enjoy my dear friend Ashley Eaton’s blog, Merry May Handmade. She is the newest member of our Butter Toast team after she opened her own crafts-and-more shop, Merry May Handmade, within Butter Toast. Ashley is a much better blogger than myself or Jasmine, so check her blog for updates too! I’m hoping to get some guest blogs from her in the near future, so stay tuned 🙂

I didn’t bring any of my many craft projects to the shop today, or else I’d probably be working on those versus blogging (oops.) So of course, I’m day dreaming about all the cute things I want to make in the future….Here’s a small taste of the million things I constantly have my mind on.
Click the images for sources.

This would be mighty cute along side of all my newly pink-obsessed home decor and wardrobe. I’ve felt quite girlie lately.

My crochet work is not up to par yet, but I do hope to create something this beautiful someday….And once I can rid my sewing machine fright, I want to make use of all of my vintage fabric I’ve collected over the years!

Beyond cute, enough said. This may even be in the realm of my crochet ability.

This flickr user included a pattern for this cutey, and I have all the right colors at home. This shall become my Saturday night project, I can’t wait!

I promise to snap some pics of upcoming projects and share. I NEED to get better at this blogging thing.
Ta-ta for now. xo


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Sometimes I spend my days image searching the oddest things…this one, however, is quite relevant– TOAST!!

Click the photo to get the source 🙂

Happy Friday lovies. xo

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I’m looking forward to continuing this Blast from the Past series for-ev-er….there is so much out there that I miss, and as I age the list of rad things that used-to-be will continue to grow. Ah the memories.

A few games I hope you will remember (and hopefully some you still play!):

Every little girl's favorite game ❤

THE original mystery game.

So fun!... even if I sucked at it.

Survivial of the hungriest!

I STILL play this game religiously.

Set up for this game took longer than playtime, haha.

Shot from our 80’s portion of our last editorial:

Featuring Ashley….AND MOUSE TRAP! Photo by Nicolle Clemetson.

The 80's will never die.

Ta ta for now.


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Since I’m trying oh-so-hard to blog more, I decided to take a few snapshots of fashionistas and fashionistos that strolled through our boutique this past First Friday. I meant to get this post up on Saturday, but in le crazy life (crazy-busy) nothing gets done on time.

Seth sporting a Butter Toast blazer.

Caleb & (I know I know his name) looking hipper than hip.

Jasmine looking pretty, per usual

Awesome boot man.

Awesome boot man & his stylish friends.

The always stylish Bam & plaid coated friend.

Hot & sexy Butter Toast shoppers

Crazy cool phone purse lady.

Eddie & Derrick in all their awesomeness

Robert of Java Magazine & friends. Please note the fantastic handlebar stash.

The drinks started flowing and the photo taking came to a halt. This weekend was full of fun fashion, this is just a glimpse of how hot downtown Phoenix can be.

Yes, I’m behind on blogging. And yes, there will be another installment of Blast from the past tomorrow ❤


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I have an obsession with legs. It’s a new goal of mine to start capturing cute snapshots of pretty legs.

This one is a little behind the scenes snapshot from our recent Java Magazine fashion spread. The issue just came out, so I will (of course) be sharing more images from shoot very verrrry soon.


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As we continue to grow our businesses, Butter Toast Boutique and Billie Goat Vintage, we understand that blogging has become such an integral part of doing so. Thus, we are making a huge effort to start posting more…. More about fashion, more about vintage, and more about our lives in general. We think it’s important that our readers and customers have the opportunity to get to really know us, know what we are all about, style-wise & personality-wise. So to start this effort I am attempting to create a Blast from the past blog series. Blast from the past will share with you some of our favorite things from our own childhoods, hopefully many of you remember and love the same things we do. Being a child is a precious thing, and I vow never to forget the things that shaped my interests growing up and made me who I am today. Long Live Childhood!!

Some of my favorite TV shows from childhood:

I miss being a kid.

photos: google images.

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So, I’ve been on a random cute image search today….mostly searching baby animals, and BUNNIES. Baby bunnies are so freaking adorable they almost look unreal sometimes. I’ve decided that Google image searching is a pretty great pastime. Enjoy the cuteness from today’s finds. ❤





All these adorable bunnies makes me want these adorable things:


The cuteness is mind boggling.

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