Pretty Legs.

I have an obsession with legs. It’s a new goal of mine to start capturing cute snapshots of pretty legs.

This one is a little behind the scenes snapshot from our recent Java Magazine fashion spread. The issue just came out, so I will (of course) be sharing more images from shoot very verrrry soon.



As we continue to grow our businesses, Butter Toast Boutique and Billie Goat Vintage, we understand that blogging has become such an integral part of doing so. Thus, we are making a huge effort to start posting more…. More about fashion, more about vintage, and more about our lives in general. We think it’s important that our readers and customers have the opportunity to get to really know us, know what we are all about, style-wise & personality-wise. So to start this effort I am attempting to create a Blast from the past blog series. Blast from the past will share with you some of our favorite things from our own childhoods, hopefully many of you remember and love the same things we do. Being a child is a precious thing, and I vow never to forget the things that shaped my interests growing up and made me who I am today. Long Live Childhood!!

Some of my favorite TV shows from childhood:

I miss being a kid.

photos: google images.

Granny Squares.

About three months ago, I decided that my next goal in life was to become a great crocheter. This was largely due to my grandmother, whom I idolize infinitely. She was an incredible women altogether, but I especially admire her painting and crochet talent. I was cuddled up in one of her afghans the night I decided that I want to be just like her when I grow up.

And thus began my crochet obsession. I love it so much, even to the point that I often have dreams of myself crocheting beautiful, amazing, magical, inventive things. It consumes my mind nearly all the time (You can probably expect lots and lots of crochet inspired blogs from here on out). I’m still very much in the beginning stage of learning, but I do impress myself now and again, when new techniques finally click and I have pretty results. I’ve made some cutesy headbands (which I now sell at Butter Toast, $7) and some scarves, a handbag, ect. But my new book, The Crochet Bible, has opened my eyes to so many new and wonderful projects to create. Recently, I was struggling with a fairly basic motif, the Granny Square. I tried and failed night after night of attempting it… Until about 2 days ago, when it finally just clicked. I don’t know how I figured out the mistake I was making, but when I did, it was an exciting breakthrough for me.

I have this amazing vintage floral chair at home, so I’ve decided my newest crochet project will be to create a matching granny squares accessory for it.

I haven’t quite decided yet if I’m going to make a matching pillow or afghan with my newly mastered granny squares. I’m also toying with the idea of making a few adorable motifs with matching yarn, and mounting/framing them to hang above the chair. The possibilities are endless with all the new techniques I’m learning!

I am unmistakeably my grandmother’s granddaughter.


Long time, no blog. Well we’re coming back in style..grandeur geek style. The following is a FANTASTIC geek men shoot featuring our favorite local photographer Nicolle Clemetson, and wardrobe by yours truly, Butter Toast. Most of these items are still available in the store…so c’mon down and geek out with us!

Additional wardrobe and styling by Shannon Campbell & Michele Lee


At the beginning of the month I celebrated my one-year (dating) anniversary with my more than amazing boyfriend, Brad. He had mentioned staying at a unique place in Southern Arizona that he once passed through knowing I would love it for its vintage charm. I was more than thrilled to check it out. We ended up at the most amazing boutique motel Arizona has to offer, The Shady Dell. It was a complete vintage paradise, and such a memorable experience. Every thing about this place, down to every detail and hidden surprise, was incredible. Located in Bisbee, Arizona, The Shady Dell lets you experience the 1950’s in full technicolor. It is a collection of vintage travel trailers, perfectly restored to combine mid-century Americana kitsch with the comforts of home in a way that only the 1950’s were capable of.

We had the opportunity to stay inside the “Tiki Bus”, such a good choice!










Every detail about this place was so perfect. The soundtrack: classic 50’s music and vintage commericals. Plus hidden treasures everywhere. The drawers were filled with vintage photos, vintage games, vintage cookware, vintage records, vintage magazines and even vintage coozies, as seen on my beer to the right:


And we cant forget about my favorite little vintage cup:


We had a ton of fun playing croquet in the courtyard, playing on vintage trucks, AND the little row-boat on the side of the Tiki Bus:



AND we played dolls and got a little ridiculous with our tiki dashboard accessories. She is such a little floozy, showing us her goodies. Hehehe.


Night view of our Tiki Love Bus:



To make this place even MORE wonderful, there is a little vintage diner, Dot’s Diner, located on-site. We had breakfast there…DELISH. And the personalities at Dot’s are amazing. I want our sweet little waitress to serve us breakfast everyday.



Dot’s Lingo was pretty amusing too:


A few more images of vintage heaven that I could not forget to share….




We are thinking of shooting an editorial here for Butter Toast, how unbelievably perfect would it be??

Cute Bunny Blog.

So, I’ve been on a random cute image search today….mostly searching baby animals, and BUNNIES. Baby bunnies are so freaking adorable they almost look unreal sometimes. I’ve decided that Google image searching is a pretty great pastime. Enjoy the cuteness from today’s finds. ❤





All these adorable bunnies makes me want these adorable things:


The cuteness is mind boggling.

I know we’ve been making you wait for these images…But here they are for your enjoyment! Check us out on Facebook to see more comprehensive photos of the show and the behind the scenes shots.

Photographer: Bradley Thornber, aka “Fotobrad”

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 387

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 390

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 404

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 411

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 416

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 426

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 435

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 440

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 456

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 461

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 472

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 480

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 489

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 497

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 512

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 518

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 528

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 534

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 545

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 565

Grand Avenue Festival 9-26-09 579

Photographer: Angela Simpson, Angela Rose Photography


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